G-Force Aircraft Maintenance, Inc., provides a Dispatch Supervisor 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Dispatch is responsible for contacting and coordinating information between the customer’s scheduling routers and G-Force local management. Communication is primarily handled through phone calls, with emails being an additional resource used as needed.

G-Force staffs each location with a Station Manager, Supervisors and Leads where appropriate. Communication between staff members is handled via cell phones and/or radio dispatch.

Track aircraft services and fleet status, updated daily. Provide personnel with a daily update of aircraft and fleet status with due/overdue detail. Implement a tracking program with quality feedback cards and an aircraft condition report.

A Checks

There are four “A” checks intervals specified for aircraft maintenance (A, 2A, 4A, & 8A). These are identified in the interval column of the Systems Maintenance Program. The recommended “A” check interval in according to the airline program (250 hours estimated). The 24 hours and transit checks do not necessarily have to be performed with “A” checks and/or higher checks.

Transit and Daily Checks

The transit check (TR) is intended to assure continuos serviceability of a transiting airplane. We recommend that this check be performed at all enroute stops as well as before the first flight of the day, along with the 24 hour check. It is basically a “walk-around” inspection of the airplane for obvious damage, leaks, missing parts, proper operating equipment and security of attachment.

Overnight Checks

The 24 hour check (elapsed clock hours – ECH) is more comprehensive the the transit check and is recommended at a route terminus and includes all inspection items in the lesser transit check. The 24 hour check should be performed prior to the flight of each day.

Service Checks

The term “Check/Inspect,” as used in this document, is construed to mean a maintenance action requiring thorough examination of an item, component, system or structure for general condition, as applicable, with special emphasis directed to the following areas: Proper attachment, safety wiring, cotter pins, fasteners, clamps, latches, tubing, plumbing, electrical wiring and connection, linkages, bearing, alignment, clearance, lubrication, obvious damage, cracks, delamination, fraying, operating pressures, fluid leakage, excess wear or play, corrosion, evidence of overheating, rubibing, aging, preservative coating or finish, cleanliness and general appearance. In addition, this check does not require special measurement, the removal of additional access panels, or cycling of hatches/doors not normally perfomed or removed in each particular check. The majority of scheduled maintenance tasks listed in this document identify the frequency of accomplishment in terms of a letter check; e.g., 1A, 2A, 4A, 8A, AND 1C, etc.