Economical Maintenance Services

G-Force present mission is to provide efficient and economical Maintenance Services to the aviation industry, while keeping safety, service quality, and customer satisfaction on the forefront of all we do.

G-Force offers ongoing service commitments. Based on our extensive experience, we are confident that we can offer aviation maintenance services of the quality necessary to provide our costumers with the finest, most comprehensive service possible.

  1. Provide well-managed, appropriately trained personnel to meet the specific needs of our customers.
  2. Maintain a team-oriented approach to provide quality service.
  3. Continuosly improve all aspects of service throughout the partnership with our customers.
  4. Provide premier levels of service consistently and reliably.

As a customer service oriented organization, we are proud to provide a twenty-four hour operation and we are willing to work with you to meet your total maintenance needs.

If you are already a client we look forward to continue providing your company with services that maintain the highest quality standards. If you are considering us as a Line Maintenance service provider we look forward to achieving a mutually acceptable business arrangement with your company and wish to thank you for considering G-Force Aircraft Maintenance, Inc.

G-Force: Born to be a winner

We employ experienced A&P certified mechanics and avionics technicians that are clearly the best in their field.

They are seasoned professionals that know only one way to do their jobs, the right way, with unparalleled credentials followed by proving track records throughout their extensive years within the industry that are second to none.

Each member on our team holds a well balanced understanding to various levels, of not only maintenance know how, but commendable understanding of real world experience pertaining to the other component in the Industry, Avionics and Integration knowledge and capabilities.


Giovanni Brullo

Accountable Manager & CEO

Ph.: 1.954.376.2931

Victor Tovar


Ph.: 1.305.305.4407

Michael Brullo

Human Resources/DER and Finance Manager

Ph.: 1.954.306.3876

Keith Clothakis

Chief inspector

Ph.: 1.954.306.3876